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We set you up with your own website to market the network. You are paid monthly commission on all sales generated by site.
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If you or your company is a service provider and think the network will benefit from your services, please let us know. After a careful evaluation and approval you will be added to our Service Provider Database (SPD).

How You Earn

Any or a combination of the following:

Promote Hands-on Services

Get one to purchase any of our services and earn commission.

VIP-WorldTravel Invites

Get one to check-in to VIP-WorldTravel resorts and you earn commission.

Westgate Resorts Invites

Get one to check-in to Westgate resorts and earn commission.

Social Sharing

Whenever you share the network with your social friends get them to interact with us  you earn rewards.

Provide Services

Provide your services on the network and earn. We provide all the tools necessary to market the services.

Produce Content

Video producers, writers or any other content provider you share in advertising revenue generated by your content.


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Alumni, Non-Profit & Faith-Based Organizations 

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